Raise Your Life to a Brand New Level

In this 3-Day intensive with Teal Swan, you will dig deep into the issues involving your relationship with success.

Identify Your Blockages Towards Success

Teal will use her unique extrasensory and intuitive gifts to identify these blockages within our subconscious, catalyze lasting change and step fully into our purpose.

Is This Right for You?

The Success Workshop is for decision makers who are ready to harness the power of their subconcious mind and achieve the full potential both in their personal and professional life.
For the first time, Teal Swan is hosting an intimate, three-day workshop, specifically designed for individuals looking to enhance personal and career satisfaction, individual growth and awareness. This intensive workshop is limited to a small group of participants to allow in-depth work with Teal Swan to uncover deep core issues affecting all aspects of our lives. Together, we will look at our individual definition of success and unblock the barriers to developing our potential for happiness. Teal Swan has worked with countless people, unconditionally, in whatever state they may be in life, to transform from a state of awareness to self-discovery.

This workshop can be the immediate catalyst to change, with ongoing mentoring and support during the following 3 Month.

Space is extremely limited, please RSVP today with your application.

Coming to Europe in July

Dates will be announced on April 30.

Optional: Casual group dinner Tuesday night, opt-in if interested.

Fee: $3,500 (if before May 19, 2017.)

Space is extremely limited. Inclusions:

- Welcome kit including seminar workbook and synchronization journal. Lunch daily (Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday.) Final night group dinner celebration. During the workshop receive over twenty hours of facilitation in a small group setting, with exclusive access working with Teal Swan on your individual obstacles. During final night celebration dinner receive signed "Certificate of Completion" and photo with Teal Swan.

Post event: access to exclusive webinar time with other NYC Group members via web-based meetings with Teal's Team every 4 weeks through the end of May 2017.

Not included: Hotel, airfare and meals outside of the program inclusions * Upon confirmation of program acceptance, you will receive the option to take advantage of a reduced room rate, exclusive for participants at the host hotel venue.

Who should attend? Any individual who has: The intention and desire to overcome obstacles and discover personal success and happiness, uniquely defined for each person. Interest in exclusive time, and one-on-one discussion and facilitation with Teal Swan. The desire to consider past trauma and obstacles as a catalyst for growth. A commitment to a long-term plan for awareness and discovery and building a close network with other group participants. Interest in spending time supporting other participants to support positive change in a caring, safe and meaningful community.

Applications are being accepted now, please complete the form below to attend this exclusive workshop.

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